Dashboard – Trends Risk Behaviours

The interactive data visualization was initially based on the report Trends from 2006-2018 in Health Behaviour, Health Outcomes and Social Context of Adolescents in Luxembourg.

The current version of the interactive data visualization also includes the data from the 2022 survey. It shows the evolution of key indicators of risk behaviours of adolescents in Luxembourg between 2006 and 2022.

In addition, four factsheets exploring the data from the 2022 survey have been published:Title

Health complaints of school-aged children;

Physical Activity, Dietary Consumption and Weight Status of school-aged children;

– Substance Consumption of school-aged children;

Liking School and Schoolwork Pressure perceptions of school-aged children.

In order to be accessible to a larger number of people, the data visualization uses a palette that is colour-blind friendly.

Key indicators

Click on the indicator to explore the trends.